When I was diagnosed with diabetes I wanted to spring into action, attack the thing head on and take control of my life back.

It took over a month to be booked in for induction to the D Club and in that time I went from expecting the worst to actually being quite knowledgeable about ways I could implement different plans to control my own health. After 2 years of testing what worked for me I finally felt as if I had a handle on things and had achieved a lifestyle that was not only improving my quality of life but was also not a massive detour to how I liked to live.

Then ironically on April’s Fools Day All that got thrown out the window once again and I needed to reevaluate once again. For the last 6 weeks I have been undergoing test after test to nail down what they originally thought was gall bladder troubles but has finally been diagnosed as Bile Duct Cancer.

For 6 weeks I have pretty much known what it was, just not the specifics, not how to attack it. Not how to take back control.

Now I have a plan that enables me fight back and strangely enough the things I have control over like exercise and diet are basically just taking my diabetes lifestyle to another level although the drugs can play havoc with my bgl’s and fitness levels. Apparently it’s a pretty decent weight loss plan though πŸ˜‰

New plan, new routines, new lifestyle.


8 thoughts on “Control

    • Thanks Ashley

      I’m worried i won’t be able to make the Melbourne fun run atm.
      I used to do a 5km walk before breakfast, now a 1 km walk buggers me out lol

      • Don’t worry about it. You know your own limits. Don’t over do it. Will you still come down? Would be great to still catch up!

      • When I got my treatment schedule I worked out the run was on one of my non treatment weeks and I thought I could still go even if I couldn’t walk.

        Then I learnt my non treatment weeks are when my immune system is it its weakest and I need to avoid sick people. So I’m not sure Melbourne in july surrounded by sweaty runners will be the safest place to be. Will ask my oncologist what he thinks next week.

      • Yea for sure. Although I’m really hoping you can, it’s selfish of me. You should be resting those times. See how you go. We know you’ll be there with us in spirit πŸ˜‰

      • This us my first off week coming up and I’m looking forward to no side effects and feeling good all week lol. I am looking forward to coming down so hopefully I can.

        Btw keeping this of Facebook as I have friends overseas who haven’t been told yet but twitter is fine.

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