It was the best of news, it was the worst of news.

I had a visit to a specialist yesterday, on the way home the wife described the news as promising. I wasn’t so sure.

I decided to ponder why she would be upbeat but I would be apprehensive and could only think back to my childhood for an explanation.

In the homes you would see children go on holidays to farms to work and be a companion for their children.  Most left at the end hoping to be invited back next school holidays. An invitation that never came.

A lot of the time you were taken just to fill the gap left by a family member who was on a school excursion or holidays with friends but of course this you were never told as it would have been counter productive to their needs.

For some of us hope is something dangled like bait on the end of a fishing line, used to get us to behave or act in accordance with their wishes only to be withdrawn at the last instance.

Any offer that is to good to be true usually is and hope is the same. Something to be viewed with suspicion, something to be scrutinised to try and see what the other person has to gain. What’s in it for them and what harm it poses to you.

Or is it as my wife sees it a possible light at the end of a very dark tunnel.


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