Holiday Blue’s

About 6 months ago I went to Europe for a friend’s wedding.  Being my first time not just travelling overseas but also travelling with diabetes I put a lot of pre trip preparation into how best to travel with diabetes.

On my trip I ate healthy and walked up to 25km a day so my bgls were well within range and I was feeling good both physically and mentally.  I was very happy.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the blues that descended on my return home.

I completely stopped testing, I wasn’t taking my metformin or exercising. Carbs were my best friend, I’d put on 10kg but didn’t care and when my HBA1C came back at 5.7 I used that to fool myself that nothing was wrong.

I was in my first real D funk.

So how did I get out of it? I haven’t it’s a long slog but things are improving. I started seeing my exercise physiologist twice a week and slowly but surely I’ve gone back on my meds, started testing my bgls and even eating right.

I still slip up on the odd occasion but overall things are on the up but it makes me wary about my next overseas trip.



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