My idea of a good holiday is jumping in my pathfinder and driving. I enjoy the randomness of it all and I love see local australians in local settings. I was planning on travelling to Winton Qld via Broken Hill and Camerons Corners.

Travelling by car as a T2 isn’t overly complicated. Take your bgl meter and medication, some almonds and lollies for emergencies, plenty of water and make sure your food is what is safe for you and you’re pretty much good to go.

Then my mate rang and said “I’m getting married, in Scotland”. Dates were set and flights were booked.

Now the uncertainty begins.




This will be my first trip overseas in nearly 25 years. My first trip to a non english speaking country in nearly 30 years and my first trip with my new travelling companion diabetes.

To say I am slightly nervous would be fairly accurate.